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1: This is a family orientated game we do NOT tollerate bad language in the broadcast system, children play this game lets keep it clean
First time is a warning second time you will be muted for 24hrs if u do it again we will either jail you or ban you. Consequences will change depending on the offence.

2:English only in the broadcast this is solely so staff can help YOU propperly, NO spamming broadcast ie: sending the same message over and over and over again this is annoying and will get you stuck in jail for 3 days.

3:No sharing of accounts anyone found to be using someone elses account runs the risk of having both accounts deleted, do NOT share you're account info with anyone we will NOT help you in anyway if it is hacked you're user and pass are private keep it that way!

4:No speedhacking or anyother kind of hacks to be used in this game this is you're only warning anyone found hacking will have their account deleted!, This includes but not limited to, Auto Composers, if found using this bot you're pet WILL be deleted, Auto clickers also not allowed.

5:Staff are here to help players within the game and deserve to be treated with respect, anyone found disrespecting a staff member will find themselves in jail for 3 days

6: Do not beg staff or players for items, eps or pets if you want something please go out and get it yourself, Begging staff for items and such will only get yourself put in jail so please dont do it.

7: Do NOT give a PM or GM flowers or you will find yourself in jail as to how long you stay there is up to the particular staff member you gave the flowers to.

8: Any player found advertising our server on anyother server, or advertising for another server on our server will be PERMANENTLY Banned from this server this is your ONLY warning.

9: Don't use any owner or pms name in ur pets

Everybody is expected to abide by these rules we do not discriminate, just because you may have donated to our server does NOT mean you get to do as you please here, these rules are here for everyone staff, players, donators and non donators alike.

We reserve the right to change these rules depending on the manner of the offense
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